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Cardinal Environmental is a certified testing laboratory under DATCP, NR149, and NR114

To ensure compliance with OSHA regulations, we can provide training programs and help you monitor and evaluate compliance.

  • Toxic chemical exposure monitoring

  • Noise surveys

  • Hearing conservation programs

  • Confined space evaluations and training

  • Respiratory protection programs

  • Right-to-know training

  • Indoor air quality evaluations

  • Biological contaminant monitoring

  • Chemical contaminant monitoring

  • Ventilation surveys

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Asbestos Program requires property owners and/or operators involved in demolition and renovation activities to pre-inspect the affected facility, file proper notification and handle and dispose of asbestos properly. 

  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

  • Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Training (AHERA)

  • PLM testing

  • Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)

  • Asbestos Analysis by Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)

  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

  • Air clearance testing

  • School inspections and management plans (AHERA)

  • Pre-demolition asbestos containing material surveys

Asbestos Testing
& Consulting
Sludge Analysis
  • Wastewater, soil, solids and sludge analysis

  • Wastewater treatment plant sludge analysis

  • Landspread Sludge Analysis

  • Hazardous and Special Waste Analysis

Occupational Health
& Safety Compliance

Understanding and complying with OH&S laws protects your employees from workplace injury and illness. To satisfy requirements of regulatory agencies, you may need to develop written policies, Health and Safety programs and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS).

Health & Safety programs:

  • Accident/incident reporting

  • Medical monitoring program design

  • Drug & alcohol policies/procedures

  • Emergency action plans

  • Environmental program design

  • Hazard analysis

  • Job safety analysis

  • OSHA safety plans

OSHA & Worker's Comp services: 

  • Proper classification of injury/illness

  • Completions of OSHA logs

  • Record keeping processes development

  • Claims management process

  • Streamlining tracking systems

Industrial Wastewater or Groundwater Analysis for:
  • Food Industries

  • Dairy Industries

  • Agricultural

  • Electroplating Metal Finishers

  • Metal Products & Machinery facilities (MP & M Effluent limits-Proposed

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Municipal

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    • Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW)

    • Industrial

    • Septic Waste Haulers

Air Emissions

Providing expertise and services to meet state and federal rules including US EPA area-source NESHAPs, Boiler MACT, RICE MACT; and "residual risk" rule revisions to existing NESHAP/MACT standards. 

  • Permitting

  • Emissions inventory reports

  • Compliance monitoring reports 

  • Air-dispersion modeling

  • Performance stack testing

  • Record keeping systems

  • Compliance plans

Groundwater Sampling and Analysis

WDNR Certified Laboratory #460024950 providing pre-treatment compliance programs and WPDES permit compliance programs.

  • Monitor Well Sampling

  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • NPDES permit compliance programs

  • Permit enforcement sampling

  • Storm sewer flow monitoring

  • Storm-water runoff monitoring

  • WPDES permit compliance & reporting

  • DNR compliant

Cardinal Environmental is an approved testing facility with the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). We follow SEFA 8-2016 Compliance Testing for Lab Grade Furniture, Casework, Shelving, and Tables by the SEFA 5th Edition Desk Version-Version 2.0.

SEFA 8 Test Methods

  • 8.1 - Chemical spot test

  • 8.2 - Hot Water Test

  • 8.3 - Impact Test

  • 8.4 - Paint Adhesion Test

  • 8.5 - Paint Hardness Test

  • 8.6 - Dart Impact Test

KCMA Test Methods 9.0

  • 9.4 - Chemical Resistance Test

Hazardous Waste & Special Waste Analysis
  • RCRA Analysis

  • TCLP Analysis

  • Disposal Profiling Analysis

  • Contaminated Soil Analysis

  • DRO and GRO Organics

  • Petroleum

  • Pesticides, Herbicides, PCB's

  • Metals

  • EPCRA, Tier II and Form R reporting

  • Foundry Sand

  • Pollution Control Waste

  • By-products

  • Paint sludge

  • Car Wash trench sludge

  • Industrial trench sludge

  • boiler ash

  • Grinding Sludge's and Swerve's

  • Demolition Rubble

Microbiology Analysis

Microbiological testing on potable (private and public supply), waste, marine and desalinated waters.

Method 24 VOC Analysis

Determination of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content in paints, inks, and related coating products.

Testing food, water, and air for hazardous concentrations of lead using GFAA, ICP, or XRF

  • Inspection surveys

  • On-site surface sampling and analysis

  • Risk assessments

  • Mitigation planning

  • Demolition monitoring

  • Construction management

  • Project design specifications

  • Review & selection of contractor

  • Mitigation project management

  • Hazard communication programs

Lead Testing
& Consulting
Wastewater Sampling and Analysis

Providing pre-treatment compliance programs and WPDES permit compliance programs.

  • Pretreatment compliance programs

  • Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET testing)

  • Permit enforcement sampling

  • Sewer discharge flow monitoring

  • WPDES permit compliance programs

  • Periodic Compliance reporting

Indoor Air Quality

Testing indoor air quality for pollutants that can affect comfort and health.

  • Molds, mildew, radon & formaldehyde tests

  • Carbon monoxide & nitrogen dioxide tests

  • "Sick Building Syndrome" investigations

  • Microbial studies & clearance testing

  • Ventilation studies

  • Temperature & humidity evaluations

  • Compliant investigations

  • Building material review

  • Sample collection

  • Water intervention investigations

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Providing support, advice, and assurance to help regulated organizations manage risk.

WDNR reports

  • Air emissions inventory

  • Operating permit annual compliance report

  • Toxic chemical exposure monitoring

  • Hazardous waste activity report

  • Pretreatment discharge report

  • Groundwater periodic compliance report
  • Discharge monitoring

  • Storm water permit annual reports

SARA Reports

  • 312: TIER II reporting

  • 313: Toxic Release Inventory (Form R)

  • CRS consolidated reporting systems

Smoke Reading

 “Smoke” leaving a structure has four key attributes: volume, velocity (pressure), density, and color.

  • Opacity Reading

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